Ashbot heads to the 41st annual Boston Sci-Fi Film Fest

This little robot is drifting his way over to Boston for the 41st Boston Sci-Fi Film festival.

Collection #3: SIBYL’S EYE (93m)
Shows: Tue Feb 9 @ 7:30 pm
Location: The Screening Room -- All screenings are at the Somerville Theatre.

Graffiti (Spain) Stiges Festival: Best European Short Film – Communication is key in the apocalypse. 30 min. Director: Lluis Quilez
Strange Things (Canada) – Mind powers & manipulation. 8 min. Director: Tanya Cornelius
Ori & Addison (US) – Two men and a crib. 11 min. Director: James C. Ferguson
Theme Song Rebel (US) – The battle for melodic identity. 20 min. Director: Luke Patton
Paradox (Canada) – A physicist contacts her future self. 6 min. Director: Paul Erskine
The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot (US) Berlin Short Film Festival: Best Sci Fi Short – Ashbot contemplates his existence. 4min. Director: Colin West McDonald
The Clockmaker’s Dream (Ireland) – A tale of time and true love. 12 min. Director: Cashell Horgan
Five Year Mission – (For His Head Is Hollow And I Have Touched Spock’s Brain) (US) – Spock’s brain attacks in this madcap music vid. 5 min. Director: Joe Leavell

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Ashbot heads to Sydney, Australia

My little Sci-Fi short, The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot, has been accepted at the Fantastic Planet Film Festival in Sydney, Australia! 

FANTASTIC VISIONS (Sat, Nov 28, 2:00pm)

Shorts Program #1

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Count down for this unforgettable cinematic voyage to a new universe of strange and wonderful realities! From an ordinary nightshift that turns into an otherworldly encounter for a father grieving his daughter, through a cold minimalistic future where love takes a backseat to "love of authority", then onwards to the quirky and hilarious story of a spunky god-slayer fighting to save the planet: The international shorts program at the year's Fantastic Planet is loaded with new films made by the most talented and innovative genre filmmakers from this world and beyond.


The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot (dir: Colin West McDonald/USA/4min)

Grace (dir: Jem Moore/TWN/USA/11min)

Himiko the Godslayer vs. the Daemon Legion of Azure Dragons (dir: Hikaru Tsukuda/JPN/5min)

Replika (dir: Luc Walpoth/FRA/CHE/26min)

Ok Monster (dir: Jamie DeWolf/USA/9min)

Iris (dir: Richard Karpala/UK/12min)

Elle (dir: Vincent Toujas/FRA/20min)

Awakenings (dir: Bhargav Saikia/IND/13min)

This is Joe (dir: Francis Diaz Fontan/ESP/4min)

Younglings (dir: Stuart Baker/USA/10min)