Ashbot heads to the 41st annual Boston Sci-Fi Film Fest

This little robot is drifting his way over to Boston for the 41st Boston Sci-Fi Film festival.

Collection #3: SIBYL’S EYE (93m)
Shows: Tue Feb 9 @ 7:30 pm
Location: The Screening Room -- All screenings are at the Somerville Theatre.

Graffiti (Spain) Stiges Festival: Best European Short Film – Communication is key in the apocalypse. 30 min. Director: Lluis Quilez
Strange Things (Canada) – Mind powers & manipulation. 8 min. Director: Tanya Cornelius
Ori & Addison (US) – Two men and a crib. 11 min. Director: James C. Ferguson
Theme Song Rebel (US) – The battle for melodic identity. 20 min. Director: Luke Patton
Paradox (Canada) – A physicist contacts her future self. 6 min. Director: Paul Erskine
The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot (US) Berlin Short Film Festival: Best Sci Fi Short – Ashbot contemplates his existence. 4min. Director: Colin West McDonald
The Clockmaker’s Dream (Ireland) – A tale of time and true love. 12 min. Director: Cashell Horgan
Five Year Mission – (For His Head Is Hollow And I Have Touched Spock’s Brain) (US) – Spock’s brain attacks in this madcap music vid. 5 min. Director: Joe Leavell

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