Another one in Berlin ja.

We Were Not Made For This World is headed to Berlin for the Berlin Short Film Festival! 

That'll be the second time a robot short of mine finds it's way to one of the greatest cities in the world. Last year, Ashbot even walked away with a gold for best Sci-Fi short. 

It's right around the corner now -- July 3rd.

Screenings are at Kino 2 of the Babylon Cinema in Berlin-Mitte. Tickets can be purchased at the box office 20 minutes before the screening, for €8 per person.

Here is my block:

Friday, 3rd July

6pm - Block 10

Final Analysis D: Alexander Schoenauer
Looking For Mr. Right Now D: Anne Chahine
We Were Not Made For This World D: Colin West McDonald
A Perfect Day D: Christian E. Christiansen
Stimming – A Portrait D: Harun Hazar
The Last Picture D: Willem van Egmond

The Immortal Jellyfish premiere in Chicago

The Immortal Jellyfish is having its film festival premiere at the Chicago Underground Film Festival! Last year, my lil' robot film We Were Not Made For This World played there and I was lucky enough to attend the screening --and now I can't wait to see Jellyfish play there too... Good folks, good fun.

Facebook Event

Saturday June 4, 2PM.  
The Logan Theatre
2646 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647

Get 'yer tickets here: https://www.universe.com/events/shorts-4-six-of-swords-tickets-oak-park-K0STG3


Ashbot heads to the 41st annual Boston Sci-Fi Film Fest

This little robot is drifting his way over to Boston for the 41st Boston Sci-Fi Film festival.

Collection #3: SIBYL’S EYE (93m)
Shows: Tue Feb 9 @ 7:30 pm
Location: The Screening Room -- All screenings are at the Somerville Theatre.

Graffiti (Spain) Stiges Festival: Best European Short Film – Communication is key in the apocalypse. 30 min. Director: Lluis Quilez
Strange Things (Canada) – Mind powers & manipulation. 8 min. Director: Tanya Cornelius
Ori & Addison (US) – Two men and a crib. 11 min. Director: James C. Ferguson
Theme Song Rebel (US) – The battle for melodic identity. 20 min. Director: Luke Patton
Paradox (Canada) – A physicist contacts her future self. 6 min. Director: Paul Erskine
The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot (US) Berlin Short Film Festival: Best Sci Fi Short – Ashbot contemplates his existence. 4min. Director: Colin West McDonald
The Clockmaker’s Dream (Ireland) – A tale of time and true love. 12 min. Director: Cashell Horgan
Five Year Mission – (For His Head Is Hollow And I Have Touched Spock’s Brain) (US) – Spock’s brain attacks in this madcap music vid. 5 min. Director: Joe Leavell

buy tickets here:  http://bostonscifi.com/store/films/sibyls-eye-shorts/